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To celebrate the holidays, FoalS-HARPG has decided to hold three events! There will be a Fuzzy Foal Secret Santa, The New Bundle of Joy Foal/Breeding Gifting, and a Rockin' Reindeer Show!

:icontree-christmas-plz::iconsantahatplz:Fuzzy Foals Secret Santa :iconsantahatplz::icontree-christmas-plz:

This Secret Santa will work just like any other of DA's Secret Santas, but this one will be exclusive to foals and open to any member of the equine community, not just HARPG members! Sign-ups will last through November and notes should be sent out December 1st, but let us know if you need to know who you will be drawing for earlier (we know the holidays can be stressful!). Pictures should be posted in the week before Christmas. If you won't be able to access a computer in that time frame, Premium Members can schedule pictures to be uploaded on a certain time and date, and non-Premium Members can contact us and we will approve your early submission- it is much better to get it up early than too late! If you will not be able to finish your picture in time, let us know as soon as possible so we can get a backup artist to do something to give to the person you were to draw for. It is only required to draw one of the foals, though you can add more if you would like.

To sign up, fill out this form and note it to the group:
Foals to Draw: (Please use links and give up to three foals. It would be nice to have some variety- natural, fantasy, complex, simple, different breeds, etc. Also list their name and breed.)
Extra Notes for Gift Artist: (If there is some situation you don't want your horses in, or personality quirks that might spark drawing ideas, and things like that that you want passed along, put it here!)
Is it alright for the artist to add in their own characters?: (Yes or no)
Is there anything you are uncomfortable drawing?: (can be certain builds, breeds, fantasy/natural, complex markings, etc.)
Are you willing to be a backup artist?: (In the event that someone has to pull out, would you have enough time to take on another picture?)

Example of a Filled Out Form (by someone not included in the actual event):
Foals to Draw: Tessia (in front), Canne Carne X Otherworldly Akhal-Teke Lilith (in back), Mustang X [Paint/Quarter Horse] Heartbeat's Funeral, Dawnstar Rising
Extra Notes for Gift Artist: Tessia loves the cold weather, so drawing her in snow would be perfect.  Lilith is overbearing, a bit of a bully, and a trickster at heart- she is the one who would be stealing everyone's presents out from under the tree. Heartbeat is energetic- he will race with anything!
Is there anything you are uncomfortable drawing?: I'm open to anything.
Are you willing to be a backup artist?: No, I don't think I would have the time, I'm sorry.

:iconcandycaneplz::iconchristmastreeplz: New Bundle of Joy Foal and Breeding Gifting:iconchristmastreeplz::iconcandycaneplz:

Is there a certain foal that you absolutely wish you could have? Here's your chance to have him or her gifted to you! There are two ways to participate: the first way would be to send us a wish, which we will feature in this journal, or make a new one if the event gets too big specifically for this; the second way is to fulfill a wish. You are welcome to wish for whatever you would like, up to five different wishes. They can be any breed, color, gender, or build that you want! If you would like to fulfill a wish, you can breed the foal to be gifted yourself, or, if you have a mare or stallion that could be used, you can offer a breeding with them. Once you offer a foal or breeding, let one of the group admins know (or just comment here) so that the journal can be kept updated!

This list will be open for new wishes through December 25th and wishes can be granted through January of the New Year.

Blacksheep28 wishes for:

A Sleipnir Foal
A California Mini Foal
A Foxer Sports Horse Foal
A Fluffy Woolly Morag Foal
A Spectre Gened Foal

:iconasnowmanplz::iconreindeerplz: Rockin' Reindeer Show :iconreindeerplz::iconasnowmanplz:

Here is your chance to draw your foals doing something winter-y or holiday-y! They can be building snowmen, attempting to make snow angels, sliding on ice, decorating a Christmas tree, delivering presents, or just enjoying a starry night! A story would be nice, be it about the foal or perhaps a personal reason for drawing what you drew- but this is completely up to you. Due to the open nature, depending on what kind of entries we get, there will be certain categories (like best story, best Christmas theme, best winter theme, best Northern Lights, best New Years, cutest foal, etc.) that will be put in polls for members to vote on and surprise prizes will be given out!

This section will end on New Year's Day.

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About FoalS

What is FoalS?

Foal Showing, The place to show off your new bundle of joy!
This group was created in the hopes of giving the foals a more prominent place amongst the virtual stables, HARPG or otherwise. Everyone loves to see the awkward little fuzzballs but it can be hard to find places to feature them. This group is dedicated to creating opportunities for your foals from fun competitions to user hosted contests.

Things to Know

:bulletblue:What do I have to do to join?
Simply have a virtual stable and you're in! Join requests are automatically approved!

:bulletgreen: What do I have to do to become a Contributor?
Contributors are those active in the group. As of right now there aren't any set guidelines other than you must be willing to host a foal show at least once a year.

:bulletblue: Where do I submit my images?
There is a folder for the different types of activities you will see around FoalS. There is a folder for "Everyday Images" of your foal being a foal. There will be a folder for training images. There will be a folder for the fun contests. There will be a folder for several of the foal disciplines that we plan on holding competitions in. We do ask that your reference sheets be placed in the Favorites section, though. Our goal is not to collect references but to show off your foals beyond that.

:bulletgreen: What is the Featured folder for?
The Featured folder will be a place for the winners to get showcased. For shows and contests with a small number of entries only the first place will be moved to the Featured folder. For the larger shows the first three images will be moved to Featured. Occasionally when a certain image that comes up is found by one of the Admins it will also be moved to the Featured folder- incredible works deserve recognition!

:bulletblue: Can I host a show/will you feature my shows?
The answer to both is yes! Now that DA allows journals to be treated like standard deviations we can create a place just for you to submit those show journals! There will also be a Blog entry that will link to the journals. If you would like to hold a FoalS sponsored show, send a Note to the group with your ideas and the admins will take a vote to determine if it is appropriate for the Group!

:bulletgreen: Is there any special type of horse you want to see, or is there any type of foal you don't want to see in the group?
As long as it is a young equine it is welcome here! From your natural warmbloods, Akhal-Tekes, drafts, or ponies to those that glow, channel demonic spirits, or have hints of other creatures mixed in, it's welcome!

Any other questions? Note us, comment on the page, or come to one of the Admins for help- we won't bite!









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Kaylied-Estal Feb 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just a quick question, i am hoping that if possible, you could help me by promoting this group:


it is just re-starting under my management (partly) and we are hoping to make it popular and used by many

Tattered-Dreams Oct 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do you accept artwork from people who aren't members?
RoseThornStables Oct 26, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I don't think that is an option for DA groups.
Tattered-Dreams Oct 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It can be - submitting for non members can be toggled on/off in the group settings, but many groups choose to keep it off so that only members can submit :)
hhorseACE Sep 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm holding an interactive foal sale
where YOU can earn points! : [link]
hhorseACE Oct 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Now open here: [link]
patchesofheaven74 Jun 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi there, the TB Society is hosting a show that has a TB foal (and cross foal) halter.[link] Because it's a group blog and not an account's, I can't put it into the gallery. do you have a blog to post links?
RoseThornStables Jun 27, 2012  Student Digital Artist
We don't currently, since we have the gallery folder. I tried adding it to the group myself to see if that made a difference, but it didn't. Sorry ^^;
patchesofheaven74 Jun 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh ok thanks anyways. It's no biggie :)
patchesofheaven74 Jun 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
daw poops.. I thought I put that in a note.. -_-
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